About Us

Reginald Bayo and Jacob Ombay

Our team has many years of experience in African hospitality under their belts. Reginald Bayo and Jacob Ombay are the well-established proprietors of two successful lodges on the northern circuit—Bougainvillea Safari Lodge and Country Lodge, both located in Karatu. Sangaiwe Tented Lodge has joined under the banner of Bougainvillea Group of Lodges. 

As prominent businessmen both Regie and Jacob are active in the community and well known in the greater tourism industry of Tanzania. They offer employment to over a hundred Karatu residents and each year they help train dozens of young people who’ve attended local tourism colleges. Their commitment to the Tarangire area is such that we are employing and training many people from the village surrounding the lodge.

Providing genuine Tanzanian hospitality is our number one priority so please feel at home at Sangaiwe Tented Lodge and let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

Our staff members are well trained and anxious to cater to your every need.  We think you’ll find our friendly, authentic service among the best you’ll come across in Tanzania. Karibu!

Sangaiwe Bar