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Sangaiwe Tented Lodge

Sangaiwe Tented Lodge

A different side of Tarangire

Sangaiwe Tented Lodge is situated across forty acres of hillside wooded with beautiful trees, including indigenous African hardwoods.  The local villagers, who’ve entrusted the land to us, have kept it untouched for posterity. Building was done in a fashion to minimize disruption to the environment. The sun heats the hot water for the entire lodge and we’ve landscaped with mostly indigenous plants to minimize water usage.

On arrival you’ll be met at our “boma” where you can re-group with a welcome drink and refreshing towel before walking up the hill to reception.  Our large common area comprises reception, bar, dining, lounge and large outdoor viewing patio. Take a dip in our beautiful swimming pool with a view.  Wildlife wanders in and out of the lodge grounds and it’s possible to climb the hill behind the lodge or take a guided nature walk.

The attentive staff is always on hand to assist. The Sangaiwe Gate to Tarangire National Park is less than a kilometre down the road.